About Us

A Leader in Child Care

We are one of the few centers to provide integrated day care and play Childcare service with a view to achieve complete growth and development of the kids. We believe every child is special and its our responsibility to show them the right path from an early age through an efficient learning program and individual guidance and Pre-school is a crucial part of education of every child. It is that period of childhood which has a huge part to play in the growth and development of the child. We at Smart Kinder Childcare provide your child with the perfect foundation of a bright and glowing future. We understand the importance of preschool education and the wisdom and skills acquired through it.

Our approach to education

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Our students enjoy total intellectual freedom and unfettered interaction with other children and adults which ensures they gain the internal resources needed for their scholastic achievement and to be confident and capable to lead effective lives. You can have confidence that your child receives the best care and education possible at KinderCare Learning Centers.



We believe that each individual child and his/her family are unique and as a teacher my responsibility is to provide and maintain a safe, secure and nurturing environment for learning.

We believe in the importance of encouraging children to become lifelong competent learner rather than praising them.