• We at kinder  provide your child with the perfect foundation of a bright and glowing future. We understand the importance of preschool education and the wisdom and skills acquired through it. We make them realize and understand the potential they have within them and help them build up their strengths. Our holistic approach in the classroom engages young minds with the early learning fundamentals they'll need as they continue on to preschool, with a rich blend of music, art, and dramatic play. Each day is filled with fun activities that excite and help toddlers develop in ways that give them the comfort and confidence to grow and develop both cognitively and socially.

  • We provide opportunities to identify basic colours and shapes.

  • We use storytelling and word games to help your child practice imitating and responding, asking questions.

  • We encourage interactions with other children in group activities.

  • We teach body parts through stories, song, and rhyme; promote self-care skills such as feeding, cleaning, and dressing.

  • We encourage pretending and role-playing through play with props.

  • Mathematics activities help children learn and understand the concepts of maths by manipulating concrete materials. To further their reading development, children are exposed to the study of grammar. They learn to work at a task from beginning to end, and develop their powers of control and concentration. Keep in mind that these children are like tiny sponges, rapidly absorbing the world around them.