Our Programs:

    The Smart Kinder Childcare will work closely with parents to establish and adhere to each child's schedule to ensure continuity and smooth transition from home to school. At this level, comfort and trust are the most basic needs of the infants, and are readily provided by experienced staff. In the play area, teachers sing songs, read stories, and play games designed to encourage recognition of shapes and colours, and to acquire progressive communication and motor skills.

    Toddlers are children eighteen months to three years of age. In this time their development can only be measured exponentially; they progress from the initial stages of walking, through potty training, to cognitive reasoning and personality evolution. We believe every child is special and its our responsibility to show them the right path from an early age through an efficient learning program and individual guidance. We at Smart Kinder Childcare provide your child with the perfect foundation of a bright and glowing future.

    We give them lessons on understanding values, self-discipline, sense of responsibility, respect for others and help them grow socially as well as mentally. there are many activities in early play school We engage the children in various fun activities with view to mix fun with learning, which includes sessions on abacus, dance & drawing so as to enhance their non-academic skills. Pre-school is a crucial part of education of every child. It is that period of childhood which has a huge part to play in the growth and development of the child.

    We do not see ourselves as teaching children or looking after them in our daycare facility. We believe we are building foundation for a better community and aiding the development of our people to the fullest possible of his/her potentialities. Monthly themes are introduced by each teacher to help children synchronize and begin to become one with the world around them. Our program aims to incorporate child-centred and inquiry based learning experiences with top-quality equipment, staffing, and resources.

    Pre-kindergarten is the first classroom-based learning environment that a child attends in the Smart kinder Childcare. They will experience leaving home and family during the day Pre kindergarten is a time when children are making connections between what they know and what they are learning. We also provide Cognitive Development , Creative Expression , Executive Function and also We provide opportunities for your child to practice social and emotional skills